MS Backup Recovery Software Answer Your Call
to Resolve Unable to Restore XP Backup Error

Media Security Violation This media has been secured. You do not have the proper privileges

Access Denied!! – This is the most furious message displayed whenever any file is tried to be accessed according to most of the computer user!

restore ms backup data

Here perfect solution for the recovery of BKF data when corruption hits the BKF files are provided that can prove to be effective even when the BKF file corruption is reported as extremely complex. MS Backup Recovery software help users in handling any of the data corruption happened and for user refence the particular situation in which error message of- Media Security Violation This media has been secured. You do not have the proper privileges” can be viewed is analyzed and it is also assured for users that even when the toughest corruption issues is reported with the BKF files the software BKF Recovery can help them to resolve it effectively.


User Get Error Message – Unable to Restore XP Backup Files to Windows 7 – Access Denied

When user try to restore the bkf file data created while working on Windows XP platform into the new environment of Windows 7 using the NTBackup restore utility, then it is generally seen that the message – ‘This media has been secured. You do not have the proper privileges’ will be shownwhich confuses user with the accessibility of data after shifting the OS version from XP to Win 7. This issue faced by user as unable to restore BKF file into new Win OS platform comes under the category of ‘Media Security Violation’.

Many situations come under Media Security Violation rule for BKF files and one common one is: – Old computer is no more working and user purchased new computer with new OS. Backup was created within Win XP using NTBackup utility and when new PC was bought, advance OS as Win 7 was installed and to access those data back, tried to restore bkf file using NTBackup Restore utility, but failed to do so because of the Media Security Violation which was indicated by the error message – This media has been secured. You do not have the proper privileges

What Actually Media Security Violation Means?

Media controls are the steps exhibited to protect the resources that come under IT. It exhibits the safety steps to make sure that the accountability for the data storage mediums is safe enough. The mediums include disks, tapes, printouts, and many other media. These steps are taken mainly to ensure integrity, available of data, confidentiality, and privacy of any data or software when they are transferred outside the system. The extent of media control depend up on the nature of data, quantity of media and the user environment- which if tried to be violated will be termed as Media Security Violation.

BKF User and the Issue of Media Security Violation This media have been secured.
You do not have the proper privileges- Know how to face them to solve it without data loss!

When the BKF file that is protected with password in one OS it tried to be accessed under another OS, then this action is included under Media Security Violation. If this issue is not handled with the help of advance technology then it also can happen that the entire BKF file data will be lost forever. Here comes the relevance of BKF Recovery software.

MS Backup File Recovery Tool with the Most Amazing Facilitates to Recover BKF Data

If the question is why it is suggested MS backup recovery tool to resolve the error message of Media Security Violation This media has been secured. You do not have the proper privileges, then the answer is simple – A there is no facility within NTBackup utility to restore corrupted BKF file, there is no available option with NTBackup Restore utility also to resolve the Media Violation error. Even though it is suggested to try some of the non-technical methods to resolve this error, it is viewed that if luck is not with the user then the result will be drastic data loss. To avoid this data loss disaster and ensure the restore BKF file process is concluded successfully it is advised by experts in the field that download and install MS Backup recovery tool in the Windows OS used.